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Client's Access to Workouts
Client's Access to Workouts
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Once a workout is assigned to a client, it will forever live in the client's account.

If you want a client to go back to a workout or they decide they want to repeat a workout there are two ways to do that:

  1. Go back to the day the workout was assigned

    1. on the client's actions tab, the can click on the date and the calendar will drop they can select the date the workout was scheduled.

  2. Inside resources> workouts they have access to every workout they have ever been assigned.

    1. This will be found under the You tab in the bottom right of the app.

    2. The only issue is the workout will not be added to their journey or counted as a "workout"

If you want clients to select workout programs and then get them added to the calendar and automated we suggest the following:

Inside 'Resources' you can create a folder that will have links to program forms that a client can fill out to be added to a program

The client would fill out that form then I would use zapier to add the program to their account based on the form they fill out. (Here is the how to on zapier)

If you have more questions about this process or other ways to make this work for you. Schedule a call with our Customer Success Team.

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