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Here you can find an explanation of what is a workout template and where to build workout templates.

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What is a workout template?

A workout template is built of at least 1 block and 1 exercise in the block. These templates or workouts can be found under the Program Management tab under Workouts.

A workout template (or block template) would be a workout (or block) that you plan to use again.

Here are some ideas of templates you might want to create:

  • Foundation Workout Template

  • Fat Loss Workout Template

  • Athlete Workout Template

  • Conditioning Workout Template

  • Warm-Up Template Blocks

  • Metabolic/ Energy System Template Blocks

Where to build workout templates?

There are 2 places where you are able to create a workout or block template. The easiest place to build a template will be on the Program Management tab. This is what is shown in the image above. The other place to build a template will be on the client's journey.

What to do if you build a workout on a client's journey and want to save it as a template?

When you are building a workout on a client's account or on the client's journey, you will be able to toggle to save the workout to the workout library. Y

By clicking the ‘+’ on a specific date you will be able to add to a client journey.

Check out this quick video on how to Create a Template from the client account.

To Save the Block Template you will want to choose the gear icon.

On the right side, once you choose the gear scroll down on the right until you get to the section to Save as a Template.

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