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Workout Overview
Workout Overview

A Quick Overview of the Workout Feature

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The workout feature has the ability to be turned on or off inside Integrations and Apps from the left toolbar.

This feature was created to be able to deliver fitness and nutrition coaching to clients online and/or in person. There are two places you can build workouts inside the Programs in the sidebar or on a client's journey. When you build in under the programs tab, you will be creating a master copy of the workout. If you build in the client's journey, be sure to save the workout as a template if you want to have access to this workout again.

When you start to build workouts the best way to think about workouts is in layers.

You can add a description to each layer to provide more clarity to the client if necessary.

Base Layer = Exercises

Next Layer = Block (a collection of exercises)

Next Layer = Workout (collection of blocks)

Final Layer = Program (collection of workouts)

You can create a program of workouts and assign it to a client or you can individually assign workouts to each client through their journey.

After assigning a program or workout you do have the ability to edit and update that work out for the client.

Here is a quick video for building workouts:

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