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Create a New Exercise
Create a New Exercise

How to create a new exercise within your account so you can add it to a clients workout

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There are two main ways to create your own exercise within the Coach Catalyst Workout Builder.

Option 1: Within the Workout Tab

If you are not in the middle of building a workout and just want to add exercises into your database to use in the future, this is the best option for you.

Click on the Programs tab from the left sidebar, then select the Workouts sub-menu. This will show you just the workout elements.

From here, click the button to Create New and select Exercise from the dropdown.

Now you'll see the new exercise slideout and can enter the exercise name, description and video link.

Click Create and you're done!

Option 2: Within a workout

If you're in the middle of creating a workout in a program or for a client and you want to add it as you go, this is the best option.

Within the correct Block, start typing the exercise name within the exercise dropdown. This will load any existing exercise with a similar name.

If you can't find an existing exercise you want, click the Add New button (or just hit enter) when you've typed in the full name.

Enter the Sets and Reps you want for this exercise in this particular workout and fill in any description or video link you want.

The description and video link will be saved in the exercise database but the sets/reps are just for this workout!!

Once you save your program, this exercise will show up in your database and in the dropdown for future programs you build.

**Any exercise created on an individual client's journey will not save in the database - only those build on programs.**

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