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Integration: MacrosFirst
Integration: MacrosFirst

MacrosFirst it our preferred macro tracker at Coach Catalyst

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Why do we love MacrosFirst?

We love the look of the app. The simple interface, the colors, the feel of it - everything looks and works great. That's important! They also have all the features a client needs.

  • Barcode scanner? βœ…

  • Marco targets? βœ…

  • Add your own recipes, foods and meals? βœ…

  • All of this for free?? βœ…

Even if a food isn't in their database, all you have to do is take a picture of the label and they import all the nutritional information for you!

What sets it apart from the other tracking integrations we have?

We were able to work directly with the MacrosFirst team on an integration so it has a few extra features

When you're in your CC account looking at a client's nutrition info and adjusting their macro targets, it will automatically adjust the client's targets within their MacrosFirst app

That means everything will always be in sync. No more asking clients to update their own targets in their app. No more confusion on what they should be aiming for.

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