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What do my clients see?
What do my clients see?

Use your own client account to test out exactly what your clients will experience

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We get it, you want to know exactly what your clients will experience before inviting them to a new app. Don't worry, we have you covered!

As soon as you start a new trial on Coach Catalyst we automatically create a test client account for you. This way, you can use it to gain an understanding of how it works before inviting a real client.

Here are some steps to take with your test client right away:

View the Welcome Email

When you add a client to your account, they will receive a welcome email/text right away with their account info and links to download the MyCoach app. To understand how this works and what they'll see, you can manually send this notification to yourself.

  1. Check the box next to your client account

  2. Click to open up the Bulk Action options

  3. Choose Resend Welcome Notification

  4. Check your email :)

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