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Editing a Canva Template
Editing a Canva Template

How to edit the Canva client guide and recipe templates.

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Available Guides

Nearly all our done-for-you programs come with resources such as client success guides or recipes. If you want to edit/brand these guides, you must purchase one of the branding options available.

To view what resources and branding options are available for each program, go to Program in the sidebar, click on the Marketplace tab and then click on the "information" icon next to the program name to view its description. You can also see a complete list here.

To edit/brand the guides yourself, click the DIY Branding option in the program description. Next, complete the form below to agree to the terms of use and then complete your purchase. The cost of these guides varies from program to program, with the majority costing $29.

Note: Although you can edit the guides using the free version of Canva, you will need a Canva Pro account to download the guides.

Branding/Editing the Guides

→ STEP 1 Open the template

Once you have purchased your guides, we will email you the Canva Template link. Open the link and click on the purple Use Template button.

→ STEP 2 Rename the file

Once in the editor screen, rename your file in the top right-hand corner. If you want to keep your Canva account organised, you can also add your document to a folder by clicking Flie > Save to Folder.

→ STEP 3 Change the Colors

First, select an image element on any page and click on the color swatch in the top menu bar. Next, either add a custom color by clicking on the + icon in the left-hand panel, select a from your brand kit or choose a default color.

Lastly, click the purple Change All button that appears at the bottom of the left-hand panel to change the color globally across the document.

Next, repeat the process for text.

→ STEP 4 Change the fonts

You can also change fonts in Canva, either per element or globally. To change the font, click on a text element and then click on the font name in the top menu bar. Select a new font from the left-hand panel. You can then choose Change All to update the font globally across the document.

For some titles/text, you may need to change the case. Click the aA button in the top menu bar to toggle between lowercase and uppercase.

Be aware that even if they have the same font size, different fonts usually have different heights and widths. If you change the font, particularly the paragraph font, it is likely that you will need to make adjustments to make the text fit.

Download the Guide

→ STEP 1 Download the guide

After editing the guide, you will need to download it as a PDF. You can either click Share in the top-left corner and then select Download or click on File in the top-right corner and select Download. Select PDF Standard from the drop-down File Type list and select Download.

→ STEP 2 Add the PDF documents to Coach Catalyst

You can either add the document(s) to a Resources folder in Coach Catalyst or add them to a lesson. Click here for more information about using resources and click here for information about inserting a file into lessons.

If you need to compress your PDF document, you can use SmallPDF,

Canva Brand Hub

To set up or edit your brand kit, click here to access the Brand Hub or open the menu link on the left-hand side of the Canva dashboard.

Click the grey + Add New button in the top right-hand corner, name your Brand Kit and click Create. First, add your logo and then pick your colors. Once you have added your logo, Canva will automatically suggest color based on the image.

You can also set font preferences for headings and paragraphs and upload custom fonts.

If you would like more information on using Canva, click here to access their Tutorials page.

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