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Password Reset for Clients
Password Reset for Clients

How to help your clients reset their password.

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There is nothing more frustrating than when a client cannot get into the app. Here are the easy ways to get your clients logged into their accounts to keep them headed to success.

Here are your options for getting your client back in the app:

Client Account Dashboard

Share Code

From the client's account dashboard, under details, you will find a 6-digit app code. This 6-digit code can always be used as a password for the app for your client. You can easily just send them this code and have them login with the email address on file.

Resend Welcome Email

From the client's account dashboard, you can click the box on the top right Options (1) and then choose the dropdown option Resend Welcome Notification. This will send the welcome email to the client. This email will have the app to open/download along with the email and password (app code) your client will need to login to the app.

From the App

From the login page on the app you will want to start by clicking the Reset Password under the Sign in Button.

This will open a new page to enter the account email and click send. This will email the client a 6-digit code to enter.

Then your client will be able to Enter a new password.

From the Web

From the login page from the web ( or your custom subdomain) your client can click Forgot your password.

They will be brought to the forgot your password page to enter the account email. It will then send password reset info to the email account.

In the email instructions, the client will be able to click the link to change the password.

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