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How to Sell Your Products
How to Sell Your Products

How to share links with clients to purchase your products.

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You have created a Product and now, you want to get your audience the link to purchase.

To get the link to share with a client, you will need to be inside payments, under products, then select the product you want to share with a client.

Grab the Share Link

Share Product Options

When you click on the share link you will be able to copy the code for the product. If this product has a discount, you can share the link for the direct discount code. More details are in the All About Discounts article.

What is the Client's View

When the client clicks on the link, they will land on the product information page and be able to purchase the product.

When the client completes the payment they will get this page:

New clients will get the welcome email and text to download the app.

Current clients will get access to the product based on how you set up the product in the payment feature.

Please Note: A one-time payment that is $0 or 100% off won't work with Stripe

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