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How to Set up a Product
How to Set up a Product

Here is how to create a product, set up a one-time or subscription payment, and set up the fulfillment options.

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To start creating products to sell to your clients, you will need to be under payments on the main Dashboard to Add Products or on the Products Tab.

Setting Up a Product

To set up a product you will need to add the following information:

  1. Product Name - this will be the simple name i.e. You 2.0

  2. Add the image for the product, the image needs to be 450px x 240px

  3. Enter a short description, this will be a time detail on your program information

  4. Enter a long description (if you need) This will allow you to add a longer description or details for your product

  5. Select if the product is a one-time payment or a subscription

One-Time Payment or Subscription

Once you have selected the Product or Subscription you will need to add the price information. Along with adding pricing, you add the option to add a discount code.

For a subscription, you will need to add the Price and Frequency of payment. You also have the ability to end the subscription duration. In the image below, you can see Subscription is selected and you can choose to Add Discount Code.

For a One-Time payment product, you will just need to add the Price. In the image below, you can see a one-time payment with the Add Discount Code option already selected. To add the discount code you will name it and then select the Amount in either $ or %.

Fulfillment Options on Coach Catalyst

To complete the product, you will need to add the fulfillment. This can be a Coach Catalyst Program or Other (something outside Coach Catalyst).

When you choose Coach Catalyst Progam you will have the ability to pick the Program, Tag, Community, Resource Folder, and Coaches for the program.

Once you have completed all the information on the product, Save Product.

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