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Getting Started with Payments
Getting Started with Payments
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The payment feature in Coach Catalyst was created to make it easy for you, the coach, to collect money from your clients.

To get started with Payments, you will need to select the wallet icon in the left toolbar. Then click 'Get Started Earning Money Today.'

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Items you need to connect to Stripe

A few items you may need to get this integration going include your Social Security Number, your EIN if you are a business, your bank information routing number and account number, and your photo ID to upload into Stripe.

Go Through All of the Pages to Connect

Once you have clicked the Get Started Earning Money Today Button and have been taken to the next page you will need to enter your email address. There are a few pages of details you will need to go through to finalize the connection.

  • You may log in to stripe or create an account.

  • Enter your phone number then complete the verification.

  • Complete the information about your business

  • Verify your personal details

  • Share your professional details (your website & a description)

  • Connect your banking information.

  • Add public details for customers. (This information may be visible in payment statements, invoices, and receipts.)

You will then get brought back to the Coach Catalyst Payments page, but you will need to finish the stripe connection.

If you see this page, you will need to finish the connection in Stripe:

Completing the Stripe Integration

When you are in stripe you will need to select Action Required to complete the connection. This will lead you to any information you did not complete in the initial connection, along with where you will add/ upload an image of your photo ID.

*Note: this can take between 10-60 minutes to show up in Stripe so if you don't see it right away, keep checking back every few minutes.

Once your connection is completed, you will be able to start creating products to sell to clients.

Fees Associated with Payments

The fees in Coach Catalyst to use the Stripe integration are 3.99% + $.30

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