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How Global Elements work for programs, workouts, and more!

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Global Elements allows changes you make in your library to a lesson, action, message or workout that can push out this same change anywhere it lives in your account.

No more searching through programs or client accounts making the same change over and over again. Update it once and let the software do the work for you!

Exercise Videos

Have you ever wanted to update the URL for an exercise video but didn’t want to go into each client's account to update it there too? Well, now all you’ll have to do is update the URL once in your library and it will push to all instances of this exercise.

Talk about a major time saver!

Program Occurrences

Have you ever wondered what programs certain elements are in? Maybe you’ve gone and looked at a particular lesson but couldn’t easily see if it was in your Challenge program or your Onboarding program…

You won’t have to wonder anymore. Now, when you click on an element within your library, the side panel will show exactly what programs it’s in. Clicking on the program name will take you right there as well!

We hope that you take full advantage of this exciting new feature! It will allow you to update content easily and save hours of work every week.

Please note, these changes are not retroactive but will start working and connecting to your global elements right away.

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