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Integrate various health trackers into coach catalyst. Connect or disconnect CC Apps

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Inside Coach Catalyst, you have the ability to connect to a variety of health tracker apps. To get these linked to your account in the left sidebar click on Integrations and Apps.

Coach Catalyst Apps is where you can find CC software items that you want to connect or disconnect including workouts, branded apps, communities, and nutrition.

Thie nutrition is a connection with Cronometer, which you can also find under integrations.

Below you can see the scroll of all the integrations.

Here is the list:

  • MacrosFirst

  • Cronometer

  • FitBit

  • Oura

  • Training Peaks

  • Under Armour

  • Fat Secret

  • Withings

  • Polar

  • Eight Sleep

  • Google Fit

  • Garmin

  • WearOS

  • Apple Health

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