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Client's Recent Check-Ins
Client's Recent Check-Ins

How to dig into your client's recent check-ins and see their streak.

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When a client completes or doesn't complete their daily check-ins, you will be able to see how well a client is doing under the Recent Check-Ins column.

Here are what the colors, numbers, and question marks mean:

Green - The client has completed 100% of their check-ins for the day

Orange - The client has answered 'Done' on more than 1 check-in, but not all check-ins

Red - The client has answered 'Not Done' on all of their daily check-ins.

The number inside the box - this shows the number of 'Done' actions the client has completed

? - This indicated that the client has not answered any questions.

  • Best Practice - if a client has three '?' in a row, I would reach out to a client outside of the app to get them back to engaging

To dig deeper into what questions a client is marking 'done' or 'not done' to, click on one of the boxes of the client's recent check-ins.

Once you select a box, it will take you to the client's view. On this screen, you can select the day you want to look at, then view the client's check-ins. You can also make changes to a client's answers.

This information can also be found inside a client's profile when you click 'Preview as client.'

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