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Building a Program Template
Building a Program Template

How to build a program template and understand the layout.

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Program templates or personalized programs give you the ability to build your own program using our done-for-you content or by creating your own. You can create the content (aka elements) inside the program. From the left toolbar, you will click on 'Programs.' On the right side of this page, you will find a button to select 'create new.'

Once you have clicked on select new, a completely blank program will open. Title the program then you can begin creating the program in calendar or list view

The setup of the builder can be done in the list view or calendar view. You can see in the calendar view that it looks just like a calendar. We have this set up this way, but this view does not have to correlate to the days of the week. The day that you start a program is day 1, when you assign a program to the client, the date you select will be day 1.

In this video, you can see when an element (lesson, action, message, or workout) is added to a program that day becomes day 1. If you delete the element and then add the element later, the later date will then become day 1.

We have designed this to work for coaches that need to visually see it as a calendar. Many of our done-for-you programs are designed to start on Friday or Saturday, when you open those programs you will see that we have the calendar to start on the correct day of the week. But Day 1 of the program will show up on the start date you choose when assigning it to a client.

For example:

Our premade program Clean & Lean says this in the program details:

Start Day: Friday (for an official Monday start)

If I wanted to start the program the next Friday, the program would need to start on April 15th, 2022. I would need to assign that start date for clients.

If I selected a different date (let's say Tuesday, April 12th, 2022) as the start date, Day 1 of the template would show up on the client journey for that date.

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