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Edit nutrition targets
Edit nutrition targets

How to edit nutrition targets on a client's account.

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Inside Coach Catalyst you have the ability to adjust nutrition targets for clients. To make these changes you will need to go into the client's account and click on the nutrition tab.

To make changes tot he targets, you will then click on Edit Target.

The coach can change the targets by either grams or percentages.

The targets are attached to date so if you update a client's targets, it won't affect days in the past, only today forward. And it won't show up on their account until they add more food in Cronometer - when it updates the new targets will be there.

If you want this data to be pushed to the client's tracking app, we highly recommend using MacrosFirst as this is a two-way app integration.

This will NOT push to any of our other integrations so if the client wants to see the same thing in both places, the client will need to update it in their tracking app account.

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