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All About Communities

Communities are for you to connect with your clients & clients to connect with each other.

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Communities are the group aspect of Coach Catalyst. Inside Communities, you have a way to connect with your clients inside of a group within the app. There is no longer a need to run groups on social media if that doesn't fit you.

Every Coach Catalyst user has a General Community for every client in your account. This 'general' group can be renamed and will include every active client.

Based on your account tier, you will have the ability to create custom communities. If you do not have the # of clients to be at a tier, you can still upgrade to that tier to get access to custom communities.

Coaches can delete any post or comment. Clients/ Members of a Community will be able to edit their own posts.

On the right sidebar, you will see a list of clients and their most recent activity within the community. It will show how engaged they are and clicking a client's name will pop open the sidebar allowing you to privately message any client easily.

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