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All About Streaks ⚡️
All About Streaks ⚡️
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Streaks are a great way for clients to be rewarded for consistency with their daily actions and workouts as well as a great way to share their progress with others!

In this article, we'll go over the basics as well as ways to utilize streaks with your clients.

What are Streaks?

Within Coach Catalyst, any time a client checks all of their actions AND workouts for a day as Done, it gets recorded as a Perfect Day. A Streak is the number of Perfect Days that client has in a row.

So if Client A has two actions on Monday and checks them both off, their Streak shows 1. If they have a workout on Tuesday and mark it as complete, their Streak will update to 2.

If they were to check one of their actions on Wednesday as Not Done or miss it, their Streak would reset to 0.

But what happens if this same client had a day where they didn't have any actions or workouts on their Journey??

This does not end a Streak as there was not anything to check off so their streak would continue.


If a client checks off their workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but doesn't have any other actions or workouts on Tuesday/Thursday, their Streak would be at 3.

How do Streaks show up?

When a client achieves a perfect day, they will get a popup telling them their current Streak as well as a fun confetti celebration!

While this is fun to look at, we're really helping reinforce their habits and consistency by tapping into the Reward phase of habit building. Helping clients get a small shot of dopamine after completing their day is a big part of long-term success!

Sharing Streaks

Another part of Streak is the ability for clients to share it with others. This shows up on the Streak popup as well as on their Progress tab within their app.

When they click Share, their device will pull up different options including sharing on social sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), sharing over email, or even by text message.

The share image will contain their current streak as well as a Powered by Coach Catalyst logo. If you have a Branded App, the Coach Catalyst log will be replaced by your logo on your account.

Encouraging clients to share their progress is a great way to build up public accountability as well as help get your business name out there more. You can ask clients to tag your business in the post as a way to get their friends and family more familiar with you!

Generally, asking your clients to share milestone achievements (a 7-day Streak, 20-day Streak, etc) works better than asking them to do it every day.

You can even share it for them as tag them on your post to help give public recognition!!

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