Resources are going to be any PDF files that you can share with clients to have easy access to on the client app.

There are two ways to add or remove a client from a folder. This can be done both on the actual folder or on the main Client Index page by doing it in bulk. Below you can follow the steps on how to do both along with which scenarios would be best for the situation.

From the Resource Folder:

Select the folder that you would like to edit the clients that have access to the folder.

Once you are inside the folder you have can manage your clients

Either way, you will get the Manage clients box here you can add clients or remove them.

When to use: This will be great for adding or removing 1 or 2 clients from a folder. For example, you have a nutrition program that gives them access to weekly Q&As or Meal Guides. You will only want to give access to clients who signed up for this program. If they cancel, you can choose to remove them from those resources.

From the Client Index Page:

First, you will need to select the clients that you would like to assign to a folder.

You will then choose the folder you want to assign to the client. The clients you have already selected will be below the box that says select option. In the select option box, you can add additional clients to gain access to the folder.

When to use: This will be great for a challenge or set program that you will be giving access to a large group or removing them all at the same time.

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