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How to Create Your Own Program with Pre-made Content
How to Create Your Own Program with Pre-made Content

You can download different programs that CC has Done for You then using the drop-downs to build your own program.

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We have over 30 Done for You programs that you can use and deliver to your clients. You can also take our Done for You content to create and build your own program. You can find all the done-for-you programs in the Marketplace.

When you want to create a new program choose 'Create New' to start with a blank program.

Once you click on create new, to create a new program you will want to name the program then you can begin to add lessons, actions, messages, and/or workouts.

You then have the ability to hit the (+) sign on the calendar view (or list view) to add the element you want. You have the ability to choose from any lesson that is Done for You or you could create a new one. Check out the video below to see it done.

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