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How to incorporate forms within CC (and CC+) for clients.
How to incorporate forms within CC (and CC+) for clients.

Creating a form and sending a link plus embed forms within a lesson.

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If you are looking to get more information from clients, forms are a great way to go. We do not have a form builder within coach catalyst, but some of our favorites are jot forms, wufoo, typeform, or google forms. Instead of emailing the link we have a few options in Coach Catalyst to share form links with clients.

Option 1: Send the Link in a Message

Option 2: Share the link in a Lesson via a Link

You can do this by adding the link or using the hyperlink to add your text.

Option 3: Share a link via iframe in a Lesson (demo using JotForms)

You will want to make sure search for the 'scrolling' in the iframe and change the no to yes. This will the form to scroll within the lesson.

Best Practice:

Anytime you have a client fill out a form, we like to add an action for a client to mark done or not done on the form completion.

If you want to save the forms for easy searching, you can save your jotform as a PDF and store it under the clients resources in the vault. You will not need to turn it on for the client to have access unless you want them to view it.

P.S. In CC+ you have the ability to create forms and share them into your Coach Catalyst Account.

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