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Program Template Dates
Program Template Dates

Here is the explanation of how the program template calendar works.

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In the program marketplace, you will find that each program has an infographic next to it that you can click on to get more information on the individual programs. Some programs have intended start dates, some do not.

This is some of the information you will find on the program information page. This program has an intended start date, Friday, and the official start date, Monday. For programs that have suggested start dates, like a Friday, there may be content that is specific to days of the week so make sure you review the program if you intend to start it on a different date.

Here is an overview of what the program will look like if you start the program on a Thursday. In the program information, you can find a detailed lesson guide.

You will choose the start date for every single program you assign to a client. This means, that the Thursday start date is nothing more than DAY 1 of the program. You can schedule DAY 1 of any program to start on any day of the week.

That means that a program can have any start date so if you assign the start date to be on a Monday, they will get the program in the order as it is listed with the Day 1 lesson being the Welcome. Then Friday will be the 1st official check-in.

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