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How to Insert PDF in Lesson
How to Insert PDF in Lesson
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There are two ways to add a PDF to a lesson. One is directly from your computer, the other is from a link.

Uploaded a File from the Computer

The PDF can be uploaded from the computer. It will display as the filename.pdf as shown below. Please be sure the file is titles on your computer how you want it to appear for a client.

1 > click on the '+' sign

2> click on the paper icon

3> add the file

Use a Link to add a File to a Lesson

Open the program and lesson you want to add the link.

Select the link icon in the red box.

Once you select the link icon, the box below will pop up.

In the URL you will include the link to the PDF.

The Text to display will be the text you want to be shown to the client.

Click save.

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