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How to use Reports
How to use Reports

How to create a report, export them to graph them and the benefit of running reports.

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To find the Reports hover over the menu on the left side, then select reports.

You can filter the clients to be selected using the following filters to pull a report:

Coaches: You can select an individual coach, multiple, or all coaches

Dates: You can select the loaded options or pick selected dates

Clients: You can pick and choose clients or choose by group

Metrics: You can choose 1 or more metrics to video

If you do not want to filter you can select the specific client you want, select multiple clients, or select all clients.

Once you have pulled the report, you can export it into a .CVS file to create a graph or chart if you choose. To export, choose Download As File.

What makes reporting so important?

This will be a great way to share the results of your programs for marketing in the future. You could choose compliance and the overall result and show that at certain compliance the results increase. This is why you make these suggestions or guidelines for clients.

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