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Inbox Best Practices
Inbox Best Practices

How to use the inbox, Getting Started with your Inbox

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The Inbox is the place to manage Messages. We highly suggest tagging a Message as Done once it has been read and completed. If you have multiple coaches working in the Inbox, we recommend using the Follow Up tag so other coaches know this message has been read but still needs attention. If you leave all of your clients in the Inbox, it will become harder to understand what needs attention and what has been completed.

When you first start adding clients to your Coach Catalyst account, you will find all of your clients in the Done section of the inbox. When a client sends a new Message, it will appear in the Inbox. When a coach sends a single Message or Bulk Message, the client (and the sent message) will be found in the Done section.

Searching for clients:

If you cannot find a client when you are using the search feature, you will need to check if you are in the inbox or done section of messaging. Switch to the one you are not currently searching to look for the client.

Best Practices Include:

*keeping the Inbox clear

*moving clients to the done folder when you have taken care of the message

*tagging clients as a follow-up if you have not handled the message or another coach needs to jump in

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