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I don't see my lesson in the dropdown
I don't see my lesson in the dropdown
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If you're trying to pull in an existing lesson that you created in another program and it's not showing up in the dropdown, follow the steps below.

Why it's it showing up?

By default, new lessons created on a clients Journey or within a program template will not be added to the dropdown of available lessons. This was to help keep the dropdown clean and not filled with thousands of lessons to search through.

How can I make it show up?

In order for a lesson to show up in the dropdown, it needs to be created in the Elements tab.

To do this, click on the Program tab on the left sidebar, then click on the Element subtab.

Here you will see all the different elements within your account.

Click the Create button on the right and choose Lesson (or whatever element you want to show up).

You'll see the normal lesson editor pop up and you can fill in the content you want for that lesson.

Once complete, hit Create and this lesson will show up within the dropdown on all programs and clients' Journeys.

If you have an existing lesson you want to show up, just copy and paste the information over into the new lesson within the Elements tab and it will start showing up.

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