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How to use filters on the Client page
How to use filters on the Client page

Best practices for filtering your client index page to see a segment of clients

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We always try to display the right information at the right times so the coach can take a specific action. You don't want to spend you time digging through the software, looking for a segment of clients to send a message. Or create a group. Or whatever bulk action you want to perform. 

Having that segment right in front of you saves you time and makes your life easier. 

Filters make this possible. 

Using them on the Client Index page is one of the most common practices within Coach Catalyst.

Coach Tip: sort by compliance & date range

This way you can see a client's success over a specific set of time. We use this to bulk message clients based on success and allows you to reach out to multiple clients at once without have to send individual messages to each client.

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