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Resources are any PNG, JPG, GIF, or PDF that you want to share with your clients to have easy access.

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Resources are any PNG, JPG, GIF, or PDF that you want your client to have easy access to read. On the client app, they will view these files under the resource tab. As a coach, you can add, edit, or delete resources and resources folders from the left menu bar by clicking 'RESOURCES.'

You will need to start by adding folders before uploading resources. This is an overview of the Resource page:

Click '+ Add Folder' on the top right to create your folder.

Once you have created a folder you will have the ability to select a file. Once a file is added to the folder you will be able to view it below the select a file box.

Inside a folder on the top right there is a drop-down for options where you can make a variety of changes to a folder including managing the clients that have access to the documents in the folder and auto assigning.

Auto-assign folder to new clients is great for onboarding folders or recommendations sheets you share with all clients.

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