I'm sure you've hear it before... a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Giving your clients the ability to easily track and view their progress can be a huge boost. But it can be tough to figure out an easy way to record, store and share those photos. 

Coach Catalyst makes it easy! 

This article is going to go over how to create basic progress photo metrics within the software so both the coach and client can upload and view them at any time. 


The first thing you need to do is set up the correct metrics within your coach account. 

To start, click on the Metrics tab on the left sidebar.  

If this is your first time setting up a metric, you'll see a few sample metrics you can use. 

To make it simple, we're going to set up our own. Click the +Metric above the table. 

Name your metric (example below is 'Progress Photo: Side') and change the type from number to photo. 

Hit the Create Metric button. Now repeat these same steps for Progress Photo: Front and another for Back. 

* you can only have one entry per metric per day so we need to create multiple metrics so clients can upload all their progress photos from that day. 

In your account, you should now see all three metrics. Make sure to check the box next to them to enable them for all your clients. 

You're all set to start tracking progress photos with your clients! 


Now that you have the correct metrics enabled, go to the Client Index page and click on the metric icon within a client row. 

Click on the Photos tab within their profile and you'll see all their enabled photo metrics. 

Here, either you can upload a starting photo for them (click here to see how to add a photo) or they can add their own from the web or app. 

Once they upload a photo, you can see their progress through our handy image slider. 

Obviously this is an example of using the photo metrics as a photo food journal but you can do the same with progress photos.


Clients can always view this from their phone as well which cuts down on your time trying to send these pictures back and forth. 

If you ever want to turn off a progress photo for a particular client, just switch the toggle on their photo card to off and it will be hidden from that client. 

All their previous data will be saved and will reappear if you ever turn the metric back on. 


Those are our best practices on Progress Photos! Let us know if you have any questions on how to use them in your business. 

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