You can track progress photos within your Coach Catalyst account for all your clients.

There are a couple different ways to upload these photos but this article is going to focus on doing it as a coach from a desktop.

First, find the client you want to upload a photo for on the client index page. Hover over their row and you'll see a small graph icon appear on the far right side of their client row. Click on this icon and you'll be taken to the client's metrics page.

Click on the submenu item called Photos.

You'll see cards for each photo metric enabled on your Coach Catalyst account.

If this is the first time entering a photo for this particular metric for this client, the card will be blank. Click the + button on the right side of the card to add a new photo.

After hitting the button, a form will appear asking you to upload a photo and select a date.

Hit the Choose File button and select the appropriate image file on your computer. Try to use a png or jpeg file if possible.

Next, select the correct date for this image.

IMPORTANT: you can only upload one photo per day for an individual metric. If you select the same day as a previously entered photo, it will override the old upload.

Once you have the correct date, hit Create and it will upload.

The Initial Image will always be the one with the earliest date attached to it. Once you upload additional images, they will appear under the Progress Images and you'll be able to scroll through and see your client's progress.

In this example, we were using the photo metrics to help track a photo food journal. If you'd like more information on how to do this, you can find that here.

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