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Send a Message to a Client
Send a Message to a Client
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Client's can be messaged on any tab that a coach would interact with a client including the Client Index Page, any of the client's account pages, and the message inbox.

From the Client Index Page:

Click on the 3 dots in the row of the client you would like to message, this will have the message box pop up for you to be able to send a message.

From the Client's Account:

Next to the client's name, there is a chat icon, you will click that to get the message box to pop up.

From the Message Inbox:

The message inbox can be found in the left toolbar, it is the same icon as from the client's account. Select the client you would like to message. If you do not see a client in the inbox you want to message, click the 'v' to find the client in another folder, like the 'done' folder.

Type your message in the field and hit Send when complete.

You can enter text, GIFs, links (make sure to include http://), images or PDF's.

Use the Choose File button to add either images or PDF's to your message.

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