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Delete or Archive a Client
Delete or Archive a Client
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To delete or archive a client from your active list, go to the Client Dashboard tab and select the client(s) you want to delete/archive.

Once checked, use the bulk action box on the right and select Archive Account.

This will abandon all programs, and AutoMessage sequences and not allow the clients to message you.

This client will now show up in the Archived Accounts tab if you ever need to re-activate the client. This is what we recommend so if the client returns they will have access to any previous data that was used or stored.

If you wish to fully delete them from the system instead of just archiving their account, select Delete Client from the dropdown menu.

This will fully erase their entire profile including message history, compliance/program history, and metric data. This is not reversible so please make sure this is what you want to do before fully deleting a client.

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