If you're trying to assign a program to a client but it isn't showing up in the drop-down, it's an incomplete program.

This means one of two things is missing:

1. Either a habit is missing a daily question.

2. A lesson does not contain any content.

Fixing this is easy!

Click on Programs in the sidebar and then the Edit link for that program.

You may see either a yellow or red alert icon on a particular habit.

The red alert means the habit does not have at least one daily question attached.

To fix it, just click +Daily Question and add a question.

The yellow alert means a lesson within that habit does not contain any content.

To fix, click the pencil icon next to the lesson and add content. You can just drag over a text box and type one simple word. You can always go back and change the content of the lesson at any time so it doesn't matter what you enter here.

Refresh the page and all the alerts should disappear. Now, you can assign the program to a client.

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