You can now create a collection of metrics within your Coach Catalyst account! This means you can tag your metrics and easily see just those you want within a client profile.

This could be body composition metrics (weight, circumferences, photos), performance metrics (vertical jump, 40 yard dash, reps) or even for a specific program (Transformation Challenge).

Clients will not see these tags so don't worry about the names.

To create a collection, click on the Metrics icon in the sidebar and select the Collections submenu.

Hit the +Collection button and enter a name for this grouping. If you already have metrics you want to add to the collection, type them in the field below.

Once you have the Collection saved, it will show up in your menu.

Click the arrow next to the metric name to view all the metrics within this specific collection.

Click the pencil icon to edit the collection as well as add additional metrics to it.

Click the red X to delete the collection. This will only delete the tag, not any of the metrics within the collection.

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