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Creating Your Own Metrics
Creating Your Own Metrics

Add your own metrics for your clients to track

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To create your own metrics to track with your clients, click the Metrics icon in the sidebar. In the grey colored box choose 'Metrics' or 'Photos' to create a new item.

Metrics will be for any numerical data. Photos will be for any image data.

Click the Create New Metric or New Photo button in the top right corner.

Enter a name for your metric/photo

A Number metric is anything you want to track with digits. It could be waist circumference, 40 yard dash times or any number tracker you can think of.

For number metrics, you will have to enter the units. This might be inches, seconds, percentages or any unit that correlates to your number.

A Photo metric will track photos instead of numbers on a graph. This is useful for progress photos, posture photos or even meal tracking! If you do choose photos the unit measurement is not needed and will default to photo.

Once you create the metric/photo, you set the Auto Assign default for it. This means you are giving the client access to the metric to start or you can give them individual access to the metric in the client's profile under Metrics or Photos. This allows you, the coach, to have clients viewing the metrics you are tracking with them personally.

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