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Bulk Upload - CSV file
Bulk Upload - CSV file
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Don't want to manually enter in a bunch of clients?

Use our handy CSV client upload feature!

Follow these simple steps:

1. Click on "Add Client"

This will take you to the add a client screen. On the right will be a box for CSV upload. Either drag your CSV file into the box or click on the Choose File button and click Upload.

2. Choose the Proper Columns

Choose which columns represent the client data. For the CSV file to upload properly you need to have the clients email, first name and last name in separate columns.

Make sure to check the box at the bottom if the CSV has a header row.

3. Assign a Program and Start Date

Enter a program and start date for the list. You can also add everyone to a group on this page.

Once you have the program and start date set, click the Create All Clients button at the bottom of the page.

You are all set!

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