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Mark a Message as Unread
Mark a Message as Unread
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Sometimes, you don't have time to answer a message at that moment but you want to make sure you come back to it later.

Or maybe you're working with a team and want a different coach to not miss a message.

We get it. That's why you can mark any message within your thread as "unread" directly from your inbox.

To do this, go to your Messages by clicking on the message icon in the left toolbar of the software.

Once you're in the Message Threads, find the conversation you want to mark as unread and select it. You'll see an envelope icon (1) to the right under the search bar. When you hover over this icon you will see "unread" appear.

Click the envelop icon (1) and a client's name will become BOLD for an unread message. On the left toolbar, you will see a red notification on messages to show an unread message. This will now show up as unread for you and any other coaches on your account.

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