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Invite a Client
Invite a Client
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To invite a client to Coach Catalyst, just click on the +Client button in the top header.

Clicking this button will open the add a new client page. On this page, you will enter all of your client information.

Enter their email, first name, last name, time zone of your client, and optional phone number. The time zone is important because it makes sure that push notifications and emails go out on time.

Under 'Optional Actions' coaches have the ability to assign clients to a program with a start date, add a tag (formerly groups) to a client, assign a client to a community, and/or assign a client to a coach.

If you are the Primary Admin to the Coach Catalyst account, you will always be added to every client automatically, so you will not need to add yourself.

If you do not have a program to assign to your client, you have yet to download a Done-For-You-Program or create a program.

You can find out how to add a program here:

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