With the filters and bulk options within Coach Catalyst, it's really simple to reach a ton of clients with very little time!

If you have a particular group of clients (like maybe everyone in a particular challenge or program) you can easily bulk message them at once.

First, click on the Filters button on the Client Index page and go to the Groups drop-down. Select the group you want to message.

Just those clients will now be shown on your Index page. Click the top checkbox to select all clients and use the action drop-down on the right to select Send Bulk Message.

This will take you to the Bulk Message screen. Here you can type your message, add in personalized details (like first name or program) as well as add any image or PDF you want.

Remember, any message you send will show up as a 1:1 message between you and your client. This is not a group message but instead will show up in each clients message thread.

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